Caprice Wagon

Roof rack removed and filled

Image Courtesy of Heart Of Texas Super Sports/

Wagon done by Classics by Bernt out of Orange County, CA
8420 Katella Ave. Stanton, CA 90680  (714) 527-8464 FAX (714) 527-0427
Wonder if it is the same one as above, just before the graphics

 Olds Custom Cruiser Wagon

With a Vortec Intake manifold from a Tahoe, I believe, sticking through the hood.  No front cornering lights either, nice!

Image Courtesy of Heart Of Texas Super Sports/
From what I understand the front bumpers on the above two wagons are fiberglass and are shortened from the stock ones, meaning they do not stick out so much.  I have heard that they take the bumper shocks from the rear of the wagons and use them up front since they are shorter.  Only problem is that some people do not replace the rear ones and go with no shocks in the rear, which can be unsafe and cause major damage to the rear even in a mild accident.
If you know anything more about this topic let me know !!

Buick Roadmaster Nomad!!

Photo by / Images Courtesy of Ken Pauley
Really the Nomad moldings are just painted on, Looks great!

Image courtesy of   HAIL, the Houston Area Impala Lovers
Above is a 95 Burgundy/Grey Caprice Wagon. The wagon is mostly stock on the power train
 (just intake/exhaust), but also has Impala wheels/tires, a painted-to-match Impala front Grille, Caprice SS SScripts
 on both the sides and rear (which unfortunately did not come out in the above pic), and MANY other little touches.
                                            Nice Ride!

Seth's 91 SS Wagon

Photo by / Images Courtesy of Seth Rosa
Above is the 1991 wagon of Seth Rosa.  He has completed the following modifications: Dark Cherry Metallic Paint
17" Wheels
Fiberglass Rear Roll Pan
Impala Grille
1995 Caprice Mirrors
Shaved Moldings
SS Wagon Sticker in the same font as the Impala SS Emblem
LTZ hood emblem
Third Tail Light Says "SS"

1996 Caprice Wagon
Owned by: Jon Hart

It was lowered with springs, Quickor fronts (from a Z28 mod package of theirs)  lowering 1.5" .  The rears were done via Hotchkis Impala SS springs which with the added weight brought it down nearly 3". I was looking for a rake of not more than 1" and ended up with about .75". The Sway bars are both Quickor, 1.5" front and 1.25" rear.  Bilsteins (firmer units) front and rear from NAISSO SuperStore.  The rear bar is a bit tricky. It ended up much simpler than the Impala bar, which would not fit because of the gas tank.   A word of warning, I drag the belly and the ass end all the time. I have ordered an AirLift set for the rear axle to help lift the car over these impediments.
Door handles, grill and hood are OEM Impala. The beltline trim was removed all the way around, and the front bumper chrome line was painted.  The holes for the bumper extension support under the taillights were filled in and the flap glued to the  innards.

Other Wagons

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